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Apprenticeships can help create a fantastic pipeline of talent within your business, identifying & safeguarding against organisational skill gaps whilst also allowing learners to earn whilst they learn. This allows you the opportunity to plan, shape and deliver training that is specific to your organisational needs.

Now is the perfect time to think about how to implement positive change, improvement or growth within this area of your business. The national focus for long term investment in the skills sector has produced many options and incentives to take advantage of.

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Employee benefits

Apprenticeships offer a range of benefits for employees which can enhance their skills, career opportunities, and personal development.

  • Apprenticeships provide practical, hands-on learning experiences which allow employees to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world working scenarios. This helps them to gain a deeper understanding of their field.
  • Apprenticeships focus on developing practical skills that are directly relevant to the job. Employees can therefore gain a range of technical, soft, and industry-specific skills that make them more valuable in the workforce, with personalised guidance, advice, and insights that can accelerate their professional growth.
  • Apprentices can gain new skills and demonstrate their capabilities as they become eligible for higher-level positions within the same company or industry. For many apprentices, there is a likelihood of being offered a permanent position within the company once their apprenticeship has been completed meaning there is a smooth transition into a full-time role.
  • Apprenticeships typically offer a wage which allows employees to earn money while they learn. This financial support can alleviate some of the financial pressures that come with education and training.

Employer benefits

Apprenticeships allow employers to shape their workforce based on their specific needs. By
providing targeted training and hands-on experience, employers can develop a team of
skilled and competent workers who are aligned with their business goals.

  • Employers can tailor apprenticeship programs to match their goals, ensuring that
    apprentices learn the exact skills and competencies needed for the company's operations.
    This customisation leads to a workforce that is well-equipped to handle the company's
    unique challenges.
  • Apprenticeships offer an opportunity to hire and train individuals from the ground up. This
    can lower recruitment costs associated with traditional hiring methods and reduce turnover
    since apprentices are more likely to stay with the company that invested in their
  • Apprenticeships provide a pathway for individuals from diverse backgrounds to enter the
    workforce. This can help employers enhance their workforce diversity, contributing to a
    broader range of perspectives and ideas within the company.
  • Apprentices bring new perspectives and ideas, often influenced by the latest industry trends
    and technology. Their enthusiasm and willingness to learn can contribute to innovation and
    process improvements within the company. Many industries face skill shortages or gaps. Apprenticeships, therefore, are an opportunity for employers to address these gaps by training individuals with the specific skills they need.

What can we do for you?

In an ever-changing marketplace, we realise the importance of blending exceptional apprenticeship training within agile business needs. Our extensive knowledge of the skills sector & years of experience working with apprentices gives you the assurance that we are able to align the correct training needs for your organisation.
This begins with an in-depth organisational needs’ analysis through conversation with one of our highly skilled business development managers to best assess your requirements, ensuring we thoroughly understand what is important to you.

The stats

There's more to apprenticeships than meets the eye!


of apprenticeships are levy funded


apprenticeships starts are up by 43% year on year!


of apprentices are aged 24 or over


of apprenticeships are in 4 top subject areas

Working in partnership

For a truly unique apprenticeship

Our experienced team offer high quality apprenticeship training bespoke to your organisation, ensuring an apprentice attains the knowledge, skills & behaviours required to succeed & continue development within the workplace. 

Skern is an established and trusted name within training and development, providing fantastic learning experiences throughout its history. We understand entirely the knowledge, skills and behaviours required for an apprentice to excel within your organisation & employ a passionate and highly experienced training delivery team full-time to ensure high quality. ​

Our programmes can include:

  • A tailor-made programme to deliver your apprenticeship 
  • A residential behavioural training course
  • An End-to-End digital Apprentice Management System partnering with Bud 
  • English & Maths Functional Skills supported by BKSB
  • An in-depth additional learning needs analysis & support through Cognassist 

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For a brief overview of the legislative and practical requirements of employing and managing apprentices, download our apprenticeship handbook.

Case Studies

Q&A with Peter Reed, Lead Apprentice Training Specialist in Agriculture

A conversation with our Lead Training Specialist in Agriculture at STS, Peter Reed

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