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Become a proactive and influential practitioner by leading the support of a child's developmental stages.

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An Early Years Lead Practitioner is responsible for the support systems in place that benefit the developmental stages of young children. Working with children from birth to age 8, the role involves leading daily practices of a variety of care services at an operational level. This includes individual child care, parent or carer support, holistic provision, and play-based education. The occupation is found in a variety of settings such as primary and nursery schools, hospitals, social care facilities, and day care centres. Early Years Lead Practitioners play a huge role in supporting the physical and mental health of young children and, resultingly, future generations. The early years of childhood have major transformational effects on life to follow. It’s essential to provide support for children, parents, and carers during these years to ensure a positive impact on the development of children thereafter. Your skills can help change lives.

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