Case Study: Creative Pod

Case Study: Creative Pod

Creative Pod wanted to have fun, let off steam, improve communication as a team.

For Creative Pod, their objectives were pretty clear, they wanted to have fun, let off steam, improve communication skills, and bond more as a team away from the office.

Full-service, creative, design and marketing agency, Creative Pod, took part in a two-day behavioural skills course with Skern Training and Skills at their flagship activity centre, Skern Lodge in North Devon. Although they didn’t have any initial expectations, there was a slight level of apprehension from the team stemming back to their youth and memories of school trip experiences. The team was also curious as to whether they would feel the benefits after this type of experience back in the office, and if the activity programme would be inclusive enough for all team members.

What were the objectives for your Skern Training and Skills programme?

Matt Turner, Creative Pod’s CEO said, “Skern Training and Skills team read us as a group so well and ensured every team member achieved our trip’s objectives, and really felt part of it. They are exceptional.”

At Skern Training and Skills, the most integral part of designing our programmes is fully-understanding an organisation’s goals and objectives. We create fully bespoke programmes that achieve the learning goals and outcomes for both individuals and groups as a whole. So finding out what an organisation wants to achieve from their experience, and long-after that, is fundamental to its success. We aim for longevity and nurturing behavioural skills through the clever use of activities from kayaking to climbing. It was also important that the programme and location catered for their wheelchair-using member of the team, so they could all experience the same activities and have the best time.

Matt continued, “The trainers went over and above to support our team’s needs ensuring we could all take part in pretty much all of the activities in a completely inclusive fashion; without creating any additional unwanted attention.”

Marketing Executive at Creative Pod, Becca Torricelli said, “From start to finish Skern Training and Skills went above and beyond to support my accessibility needs. From sending me videos of the disabled accommodation to ensure it would suit my needs, to having an individual catch up in order to discuss what types of activities I could participate in and how they could best accommodate me to ensure I was as involved as possible.”

How would you describe your experience with Skern Training and Skills?

Matt Turner, Creative Pod’s CEO said, “Skern Training and Skill’s activities and instructors are second to none. The entire experience has been invaluable. As a CEO I learnt more about certain team members in two days than I would in 12 months. It’s given me a fantastic insight, as well as giving me the opportunity to show the team that I am actually human! We’ve had heaps of fun, bonded as a team and ultimately learnt things about each other that you wouldn’t know or get to learn about in an office environment. It has also enabled us to see what other skills individuals on the team have like analytical problem solving.”

The residential aspect of team building trips is also essential to get right. Comfortable accommodation and a delicious menu are equally important requirements, as well as considering every individual’s needs.

Matt continued, “The food was first class especially as we have a vegan, veggie and celiac. We have team members of all ages and fitness levels and again all of the activities built into our programme could be completed by all.”

Marketing Executive at Creative Pod, Becca Torricelli added, “The team at the centre were excellent at ensuring I was safe doing the activities at all times and thinking outside of the box to adapt activities so that I could participate. A special thank you has to go to Skern Lodge’s Head of Training, Andy, who made me feel so incredibly welcome and who nothing was too much trouble for."

What impact have you seen back in the workplace following your training?

Matt Turner, Creative Pod’s CEO commented, “I can already see the benefits in the office, there’s a real sense of unity across the company from the top down. This trip has been invaluable as due to Covid and our organisation massively expanding, some of the team hadn’t met face to face. I can tell that it has really helped fast-track team building and has improved communication.

I have seen the positive effects of behavioural training and how it’s helped team members. Staff retention is now at 90%+ and interestingly productivity has increased in stressful situations - there is definitely something to be said for activity challenges expanding comfort zones.”

What advice would you give employers considering a programme with Skern Training and Skills?

Matt continued, “Do it! Even if you think it’s not worth it, or not everyone will attend, or it will be a waste of money. It won’t.

“The positive impact will hit the business from all angles - staff retention, recruitment, knowledge, social and PR, investing in the future workforce etc. You will achieve all the important things when completing a course with Skern Training and Skills.”


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